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Air Bottle Mounting Brackets Strength Test Machine

In light of Standard5.2.1.4 description on GB/T18437.1-2009, the air bottle mounting brackets will be capable of load capacity up to the static strength which be eight times  the air bottle weight when measuring under rated working pressure (natural gas), at these six orientations of upside, underside, left, right, front and backward .Max allowable displacement between air bottle and base be not exceed13mm.

Ideal for the strength test on strap wrench and also the fixed support which are used on the CNG vehicles.

                                        Manual control and data recording type



Jacking ejection forces range


Dial gauge measuring range


                                   PC control,data automatic recording type

The whole test process is that the hydraulic power pack will firstly deliver the hydraulic power to the lift jacking,and in the following process ,the lift jacking applies forces to air bottle(normal gas filling), which will corresponding cause the movement of displacement transducer. 

In this process, the forces and displacement signal will be simultaneously transmitted to IPC by means of data sampling system. It is also available for data dealt with and recording on IPC as well as ejection forces-displacement curves automatic generated and pintout 

Key feautures and advantages

This device includes test table, hydraulic pump power station, lifting jack, weighing transducer, displacement transducer and PC programme for electronic control unit 

Real-time monitoring and test data displaying on LCD as well as data recorded after automatic sampling

Alarming at due time when test failure

Industrial control configuration software for controlling and dealt with the signal

Long-term and continous working available

Stable and accurate position switching

No impact ,low noise level 

Technical parameters



Jacking ejection forces range


Displacement transducer measuring range



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