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Wellhead Safety Valve Control System

Shineeast wellhead safety valve control system is an emergency shut-off system, which is designed, manufactured and tested according to the control panel, combined with practical working conditions. The system is used for the effective control of oil/gas well ground safety valve, subsurface safety valve and wing valve, achieving corresponding protective and explosive-proof grade, guaranteeing oil/gas well production safety, providing security protection for oil and gas wellhead
of wild unattended environment.

Reference standards:

API RP 14A , API RP 14B, API RP 14C, NACEMR-01-75, EN 50018

Technical parameters: 
Control type: Manual/PLC/IPC
Control pressure: 35MPa, 70 MPa, 1O5 MPa

Product features:
Providing air driven hydraulic pump and hand pump, the system can
automatically maintain pressure, fill pressure and keep hydraulic system
operating with constant pressure; as wellhead is closed, hand pump will
operate, and meantime the accumulator in the high-pressure pipeline can
compensate pressure drawdown due to environment temperature dropping or
safety valve leakage; and it can also control ground safety valve and
subsurface safety valve simultaneously; the system is used for oil field
manufacturing, oil mechanical equipment manufacturing and scientific

High-low sensor valve real-time monitoring wellhead pipeline pressure,
the system can automatically close subsurface safety valve and ground
safety valve to close down wellhead when the wellhead pressure is higher
than the set high pressure value or lower than the set low pressure value.
When there is a fire on the wellhead, environment temperature rising
rapidly to melting temperature of fusible plug, fusible plug melts and
cuts off the system loop, to realize wellhead completely closed down.
With pressure automatically compensating and releasing functions,
pneumatic pumps will automatically compensate system pressure to
maintain the system working normally when the system pressure drops due
to the environment temperature and pipeline leakage of ground safety
valve and subsurface safety valve. The relief valve can automatically
release excess pressure to maintain system normal pressure when the

Suitable for low and high temperature environment, the system components can work at - 30 ~ 60 ℃.

With remote emergency shut-off system, we can shut off the wellhead
emergently through on-site manual operation, and can also shut off the
wellhead through shutting off the subsurface and ground safety valve,
no need site operation, when finding anomalies on wellhead on duty room.

Independent control of single well & single valve, single well &
multivalve and multi-Well & multivalve can be realized;
Pressure piping adopts welding type pipeline connection, eliminating
leakage, convenient maintenance.


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