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Impulse Test Benches

SHINEEAST Impulse Test Benches are specialized test rigs for pressure ,impulse as well as deflection and vibration etc. functional tests. They are powered by hydraulic pump motor and use Shineeast hydraulic pump for oil pressurizing. Pulse pressure up to maximally 80Mpa.They are capable of testing for a multitude of medium, such as oil, water and non-corrosive chemical liquids . 


Impulse tests of hydraulic hose lines using in construction machinery, mining machinery, aeronautic hoses, valves,vessels and automobile pumpbrake system or components,power steering etc as well as hydraulic equipments.

Deflection,vibration and etc. functional tests available

Key features and advantages:

Separate testing and driven system. Available for powering a variety of mediums and temperature control easily.

Three control modes for option: Manual,IPC and PLC.

Real-time monitoring as well as data recorded on high-speed sampling cards and also curves printing

Alarming at due time bursting and due point recording

A variety of tooling and fixture meeting with different mounting method requirements

Non-welded pipeline system

Industrial control configuration software or on LABVIEW

Deflection and vibration functional testings for option.

Technical features:

 Max. pulse pressure: 800 bar

Test medium: oil, water and non-corrosive chemical liquids

Test medium temperature range : Room temperature to150

Enviroment temperature: Room temperature

Pulse frequency : 0.5-1.25Hz

Technical parameters:



Max. pulse pressure


Test medium

Hydraulic oil ISO VG46 or ISO VG32

Test medium temperature range

Room temperature to 120 degrees centigrade

Enviroment temperature

Room temperature

Pressure source

Shineeast hydraulic oil pump

Test waveform

Square/triangular/ trapezoidal/sine waveform

Number of the test pieces

2-8 pieces (Depends on total volume & physical character)

Control unit


Pulse frequency


Deflection frequency

0.5-1.0 Hz

Vibration frequency

10-50 Hz



Dynamical system cooling method


Dimensions of the test chamber(width x depth x height) approx

2400 X1400X1000mm


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