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Pneumatic Power Packs

  • Gas Booster System is a complete gas booster units ready for connection which are provided for generating operating pressures up to 25MPa. It is suitable for powering medium as gas .
  • As the pressure will be generated by means of a pneumatically operated pump.The electric connection will not be necessary.
  • To operate this system, the air driven gas boosters  have to be equipped with the air control unit for driven air pressure adjusted.
  • The desired operating pressure can be attained by adjusting the driven air pressure through regulator valve.When the driving air pressure and the output pressure reach the balance, the pump stops filling pressure and the output pressure stays at the preset value.
  • Ideal for power source of tipping system on rail tipper  


Key features

  • Compact and rugged construction
  • Not electromotive, but pneumatically powered- intrinsically safe operation and ex-proof
  • Pneumatically powered of oil free compression and clean air .No contamination possible
  • Simple controlling and regulating processes because of the compressed-air drive.
  • Robust and reliable operation in hardest operating enviroment.For example,

    the power pack will not be damaged through moist rooms, dust or higher temperatures
  • No energy consumption after having reached the set final pressure
  • Low cost of installation as simple design of components are reduced to a minimum   


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