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SY-01 Hydraulic tester for seamless gas cylinder (external measurement)

The device can do all kinds of high-pressure gas outer hydraulic test method, according to standard GB/T9251. The gas cylinder volume residual deformation rate can be measured to ensure the safe use.

Main technical parameter:

Pump model


Max pressure


Electronic balance


Pressure sensor

0-70Mpa (accuracy0.1g)

Test pressure


Air pressure


Work power


Control mode


Applicable medium




The machine is mainly used for cylinder pressure test and achievement of gas cylinder volume residual deformation rate.

Working principle: put the cylinder into a water jacket and boost the cylinder by high pressure pump. It will automatically dwell at set pressure and do pressure test on the cylinder. At the same time, the cylinder volume expands under test pressure and squeezed some water from water jacket into the measuring cup, and it is test cylinder volume deformation. The water is transferred to PC by water collection system, the elastic deformation disappears after cylinder relief of pressure, then the water flows back from measuring cup to water jacket. However, the remainning water in the measuring cup is still more than that before boosting the cylinder. The extra water volume is the test gas cylinder volume residual deformation. While the gas cylinder volume residual deformation rate is the ratio of the test gas cylinder volume residual deformation and all deformation.


Max. working pressure: 48Mpa,

The actual test pressure control accuracy: no less than 10 psig

The actual water level measurement accuracy: no less than 0.4.


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