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Jinan Shineeast Fluid Systems Equipment CO.,LTD.   
Address:No.182-27 North Industrial Road,Jinan,Shandong,China
Tel:+86-531-88964566, +86-531-88964577


Applications of Our Products


Machine Tools industry, Construction Field, Diesel Engine Industry, Scientific Research Field, Aerospace
Industry, Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing, Automobile Maintenance and Repair, Household
Electrical Appliances Field, Air Conditioning Manufacturing, New Energy Field, Valve and Pipe Fittings
Manufacturing, Industrial Electronics Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Oil and Gas
Field, CNG Vehicle Conversion Industry, Pressure Test Industry.
●Static and Burst Test of Valve, Pipe Fittings, and Pressure Vessel
●Automobile Brake System Test
●Pressure and Leak Test for Valves, Pipes, Condensation Pipes and Air Conditioner Coils
●Work holding/Power Clamping
●Valve Actuator Control
●Hydraulic Cylinder Actuation
●Press Safety Overload Devices
●Roller Tensioning
●Precision Lubrication and Spraying
●Liquefied Gas Transfer
●Injecting Chemical Reagent into Pipeline or Reaction Vessel
●Hydraulic Testing for Valves, Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Pressure Switches, Hoses, Pipes and Tubing, Pressure Gauges, Cylinders, Transducers, Well Castings, Bops, Gas Bottles and Aircraft components
●Safety Valve Adjusting
●Charging of Gas Cylinder and Accumulator with Nitrogen
●Supply for Isolating Gas System
●Vehicle Components Pressure Inspection Tests
●Leakage Test for CNG Vehicle Hose Lines; Test Tools for Research and Test Institutes
●High Pressure and Super High Pressure Testing for Pressure Equipments in Oil Field Industries, Such
as Pipelines, Pressure Vessels, Wellhead Control Devices, Down Hole Tools and Sealing Components