Auto Industry Test Equipment

Pressure Testing for Automobile Hoses,Burst Testing for Rubber Hoses

Auto Industry Test Equipment

                                            Auto Industry Test Equipment


Shineeast Auto Industry Test Equipment is suitable for pressure testing and burst performance of various automobile hoses, rubber hoses, air conditioning pipes, automobile assemblies and other products. It is used to measure the burst pressure and pressure-holding time of various types of pipe fittings. It is widely used in the pressure test system of Quality Inspection Organizations and various Vehicle Parts Manufacturers. The equipment is composed of pressurization system, control and display system. The pressurization system is mainly composed of Shineeast liquid pump, which is mainly used to pressurize and maintain the pressure of the system to ensure the pressurization and pressure-holding of the long-time testing. The control and display system is mainly used to control the pressure of the driving air, control the pressure relief, display the pressure in time, and control the sectional pressurization.

Performance parameter:

Drive air pressure range: 0.5-0.8 Mpa

Test pressure: 0~400MPa 

Air consumption: 1Nm3/min

Working medium: water, hydraulic oil

Pressure control accuracy: +2% of upper limit and - 1% of lower limit of test pressure

Operation mode: manual control, PLC control, computer control

Number of samples: 1 piece

Sample installation mode: manual or automatic clamping.

Equipment characteristics:

1. Equipped with Shineeast liquid pump, the output pressure and pressurizing rate can be easily adjusted and controlled.

2. Advanced technology and reasonable structure design.

3. All pressure bearing parts are standard parts of international famous brands, without any welding connection, convenient for disassembly, high safety factor, long service life and easy maintenance.

Structural composition:

Power system, circulation system, pressure control system, workpiece installation device, manual control/computer control. 


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