Gas Assisted Injection Molding Machine

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Gas Assisted Injection Molding Machine

High pressure physical foaming technology is an advanced cable manufacturing process. Its working process is to first inject hot melt plastic PE into the mold cavity of the plastic sheath molding around the cable copper wire, and then use the accurate automatic control system to inject nitrogen or carbon dioxide compressed under high pressure into the molten plastic, so that the internal expansion of the plastic parts causes hollowness, and the gas is evenly distributed in the plastic products. After the injection process is completed and the cable is cooled, the cable will have excellent signal transmission characteristics.


With its excellent gas pressurization and control technology, SHINEEAST provides manual high-pressure gas assisted injection molding machine and fully automatic high-pressure gas assisted injection molding machine necessary for the production line of high-pressure physical foaming cables with stable performance.

Main features of the machine:

◎ The system can pressurize nitrogen or carbon dioxide to a maximum of 600bar;

◎ The system has the function of automatically supplementing pressure, and can automatically stop when the pressure reaches the set value;

◎ The system adopts precise high-pressure stainless steel pressure reducing valve, with stable high-pressure output pressure and small pressure fluctuation;

◎ The system is powered by compressed air and has the function of safety and explosion protection;

◎ The pressure display of the system adopts precision instruments, with accurate and reliable readings;

◎ SHINEEAST's excellent gas booster pump can ensure continuous operation and long service life;

◎ The output pressure of the system can be adjusted according to different products;

◎ All pipelines of the equipment shall be sealed in a highly reliable way to prevent leakage, and the appearance shall be clean and beautiful.


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