Gas Booster System for Cutting Machine

Gas Booster Pump for Cutting Machine, High Pressure Booster Pump for Cutting Machine

Gas Booster System for Cutting Machine

Shineeast Gas Booster System for Cutting Machine can be used for cutting machine, leak testing for valve pipeline, pressure testing for vessel, constant gas supply of gas tank, local pressurization of workshop gas source, welding slag purge, pneumatic valve drive etc.


Performance parameter:


Working medium: acetylene or other gases.

Output pressure: 0-16 bar

Drive air pressure: 0.3-0.8Mpa

Operation mode: manual control


Equipment characteristics:

1. Automatic pressure supplement and maintenance. Regardless of the pressure drop of the pressure maintaining circuit caused by any reason, the gas booster system will automatically start to supply the pressure due to leaking, maintain the constant outlet pressure, and realize unattended operation.

2. No electric power or wire connection is required, all gas driven, explosion-proof, no electric arc and spark, can be used in flammable and explosive hazardous areas.

3. The system is equipped with one 40L tank and one pressure regulator at the outlet to ensure constant outlet pressure.

4. Anti-pollution, suitable for dusty, humid and other harsh environments.

5.The output static pressure is regulated by the driving air pressure.

6. Easy to install and operate, few parts and seals, and easier to maintain.


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