Mobile Test Equipment for Oil Tank Accessories

Test Equipment for Oil Tank Accessories, Mobile Testing Device for Oil Storage Tank Accessories, Breather Valve Test Bench, Pressure Test Machine for Hydraulic Safety Valve, Pressure Test Machine for Flame Arrester

Mobile Test Equipment for Oil Tank Accessories

Shineeast Mobile Test Equipment for Oil Tank Accessories is one testing device for oil storage tank accessories (including breather valve, flame arrester, hydraulic safety valve). And it is an operation platform for detecting whether storage tank accessories are qualified. The machines are manufactured and used in accordance with Technical Specification for Inspection of Petroleum Tank Accessories (Q/SY 08007-2017). The equipment can be used to test the accessories of DN50-DN350 tank.

The main parameters of the testing include: opening pressure, ventilation volume, pressure loss.

The device is mainly composed of power system, guidance system, control system, detection platform, etc. provided by air source fan.


Breather valve test bench is mainly used to detect the positive pressure opening pressure and negative pressure closing pressure of the breather valve, such as the negative pressure suction opening pressure and sealing performance of the breather valve in the oil tank. The equipment is equipped with a vacuum pump and a negative pressure pump to extract the pressure. The computer automatic control system is used for automatic control during the testing of the breathing valve.


Main Technical Parameters

Specification: FMC-03

Equipment dimension: 1200 * 1480 * 1400mm (length * width * height)

Power electricity: AC 220 V

Power: 9KW

Measuring range:

(1) Diameter range of testing accessories: DN50 ~ DN350

(2) Pressure measurement accuracy: Class 0.5

(3) Pressure measurement range: ± 5kPa

(4) Flow measurement accuracy: Level 1

(5) Flow measurement range: 100Nm3/h~2800Nm3/h (two-way)


Reference standard:

SY/T 0511 oil tank breathing valve

GB50160 Design fire protection code for petrochemical enterprises

QCT653 Standards of technical conditions for oil transport and refueling vehicles


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