Valve Test Bench

Valves Test Bench, Hydraulic Test Machine for Valves, Pressure Test Bench for Valves, Hydraulic Pressure Testing for Valves

Valve Test Bench

Shineeast Valve test bench is such one pressure test machine which can used for the

In order to ensure the reliable sealing quality of newly produced valves and valves after inspection and maintenance, the last process after valve production and valve maintenance is pressure test. The detection method adopted shall be in accordance with national standards or international standards. American standards (ANSI/ASME, API), German standards (DIN), European standards (EN) and international standards (ISO) are the most commonly used standards.


The testing valves can be divided into the following categories: block valves (gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valves, etc.), control valve, Although the standards for pressure testing of valves are different, the detection methods for each type of valve are roughly the same. The most important are the following: testing the strength of the valve body; Check the tightness of the valve body, valve rod and valve shaft; Check the tightness of valve seat or base (if possible); Determine the tripping pressure of the safety valve.

4. Equipment configuration:

The equipment mainly includes one GD10 and one GD64 model air driven liquid pump(for hydraulic testing), and one GD40 air driven liquid pump (for clamping the valves), gauge, high pressure needle valve, control cabinet, and valves clamping device etc.

5. Technical parameters:

Testing pressure: 10-300bar

Clamping force: 10T-40 T(optional)

No. of outlet ports: one outlet port

Diameter of valve: DN10-DN300

Pressure accuracy: ≤±1%F.S

Pressure gauge accuracy: 0.4

Pressure gauge range: 0-60Mpa

Clamping type: Pneumatic clamping

Control mode: Manual control

Core elements: GD10, GD64, and GD40 pump

Drive air pressure: 3-8 bar

No. of station: Single station

Reference standard:

ISO5028 Industrial valves--pressure tests for valves

GB/T 13927 General valve pressure test

ZBJ 16006 Valve test and inspection 


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