Deep Ocean Pressure Simulation Testing

Deep-ocean Simulation Hydrostatic Test Machine for Underwater Pipelines, Hydrostatic Test Equipment for Understand Vessel, Deep-sea Simulation Pressure Testing for Cylinder, Simulation Hydrostatic Testing for Underwater Tubes, Hydrostatic Testing Machine for Underwater Vessels

Deep Ocean Pressure Simulation Testing

Shineeast deep ocean simulation hydraulic testing machine can conduct deep-sea simulation testing, with a depth of 0-10,000m (pressure range 0-100Mpa), and is widely used for deformation and damage tests of underwater pipelines and underwater data protection containers under ocean high pressure. Fatigue test of submarine structural cabin, various submersibles, deep-water robots, deep-water equipment, deep-water exploration instruments, sampling equipment, data acquisition equipment etc. under ocean high pressure. Sealing test of submarine cables and optical cables under high ocean pressure, etc. It is an ideal choice for research institutions and companies.


Product features:

1. The deep ocean pressure test machine is a pseudo deep-sea hydrostatic test bench. This test bench can simulate deep-sea high-pressure deformation and damage testing, and simulate deep-sea pressure fatigue testing. The operation interface of the device is compiled by American LabVIEW software. The water-filling and pressurizing time, pressurizing speed, pressure-holding time, pressure-holding testing range, upper and lower lines of test pressure , fatigue testing times etc. can be freely set.

2. Deep ocean underwater simulation high-pressure tank. The size can be selected as required. Pressure:0-100Mpa. The height is 0-2m, please consult for higher requirements.

3. According to the actual diameter and pressure of the high-pressure water jacket, the high-pressure end cover sealing device can be divided into thread fastening, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder lifting fastening, power unit clamping sleeve fastening etc.

4. The machine is equipped with Shineeast air driven booster pump, which can easily adjust and control the output pressure at will.

5. Advanced technology and reasonable structure design. Automatic lifting, no manpower required, safe and reliable.

6. Automatic data collection, convenient for future reference of test data.


Technical parameter:

1. Drive air pressure range: 0.1-0.8 Mpa;

2. 2. Maximum gas consumption: 1Nm3/min

3. Pressure test range: 0-100Mpa, pressure control accuracy: 0.5FS.

4. Working medium: water, sea water or liquid medium similar to sea water.

5. The data acquisition system and corresponding functions can be configured according to customer requirements.


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