LPG filling machine

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LPG filling machine

LPG filling machine mainly includes one piece of GD4-FL LPG pump, air pressure gauge, LPG inlet pressure gauge, outlet pressure gauge, air regulating valve, hand ball valve, outlet control valve, air filter, Y type filter, pipelines, cabinet, electrical scale, electrical control device, lithium battery, solenoid valve, and other necessary accessories.

Main parameters of Shineeast LPG Filling Machine:

Product name: LPG Filling Machine

Core components: GD4-FL LPG pump, electrical scale

Outlet pressure: 0-30 bar(the machine will stop automatically after the LPG cylinder reaches to a certain weight)

Max.flow rate: 15 litre/min (at atmosphere pressure)

Drive air pressure: 3-8 bar

Operating medium: LPG

Driving medium: Compressed air

Air consumption: 0.6-1.2M3/min

Application: to fill up LPG cylinder


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