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                                                                   Pneumatic Power Pack

Shineeast pneumatic power pack adopts compressed air as power, and pressurizes gas, which can be compressed air, oxygen gas, nitrogen gas, argon gas, helium gas etc, and the pressure ratio is mainly 2:1 and 5:1. The power pack is a dependant pressure unit, and is connected in the pipelines in series.


Shineeast pneumatic power pack is especially suitable for gas source pressure regulation of cutting machine; it can make the gas source pressure of cutting machine higher and make the pressure constant at normal use pressure.

Install the power pack at the gas source inlet of cutting machine.

Moreover, the power pack can be also used for three dimensional measuring machine, laser marking machine, CNC machining center, argon arc welding machine, carbon-dioxide arc welding machine, brewery packaging equipment, brewery air control valve, brewery malt oxygenation equipment, air leak test machine etc.

Main features of the pneumatic power pack:

    The power pack can be used for different gas.

            For nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, argon gas, helium gas, CO2 etc, the system adopts different booster and special                   pipelines, elements, for example, there is isolation chamber between drive air chamber and pressure                                 chamber, which can avoid working gas and compressed air mixing together, avoiding being polluted by the                         working gas.

    Constant pressure, small impulse

           Compared to the conventional gas booster, the power pack is with small impulse, constant output pressure, and the            output pressure can be adjusted to a required constant value through pressure regulator,

    Low noise, low cost, energy-saving.

          Compared to high pressure compressor, the machine is with low noise and low cost.

    Easy to install and use.

           The system is pneumatic control; connect the drive air inlet with compressed air, gas inlet with gas source, gas                  outlet with the device that needs high pressure gas.

          A required output pressure can be got through adjusting the drive air pressure.

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