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                                 Hydraulic Power Pack

 Shineeast hydraulic power packs are compact and delicacy solution tailored to customer specific requirements with air driven liquid pumps as well as all accessories to be fitted and installed on the frame or in closed cabinet.

To operate this system, the pressure gauges, valves and pressure regulators have to be fitted on panels. The outlet pressure is easily to be set through a simple air regulator.

The pump stops automatically when this end pressure is reached and restarts with a slight drop in the outlet pressure or an increase in the air drive pressure.

SHINEEAST Hydraulic power packs are available with wide range of pressure ratios make these series of pumps ideal for powering a variety of oil/hydraulic operations. Operating pressure up to 320MPa. 

The hydraulic power pack will start work and generate pressure when the pump is connected with compressed air, no need electricity.mine field, smelter, machinery manufacturing and fitter factory.


Shineeast hydraulic power pack can be used wherever hydraulic pressure is needed.It is widely used steel construction, boiler manufacturing, construction engineering of oil tank and reactor, The hydraulic power pack can also provide hydraulic press and punching system, which will be used for lifting of aircraft, large equipming clamping device, and testing for pressure vessel and pressure piping system.

The main feature of hydraulic power pack:

The pump will stop automatically when it reaches to setting pressure.

Pressure-holding for a long time without energy consumption

Working medium does not generate overheat during pressure-holding

Pump will fill pressure automatically

Output pressure can be controlled through regulating drive air pressure.

Simple installation, reliable operation and easy maintenance


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