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                               Burst Pressure Test Machine

SHINEEAST pressure and bursting pressure test machines are specialized test rigs for pressure and bursting testing .They use Shineeast air driven hydraulic pump for pressurizing and available of ultimate outlet pressures as well as different flowrate which pressures up to maximally 350Mpa.They are capable of testing for a multitude of mediums, such as hydraulic oil, water and non-corrosive chemical liquids.

Shineeast burst pressure test machines with complete specifications and models, and we make exact solutions of burst test machine according to the customers’ requirements.


l         Pressure tests

l         Bursting pressure tests

l         Static and dynamic internal pressure tests of various components

l         Vehicle components pressure inspection tests

l         Leak tests

l         Functional test rigs

l         Volume increase tests

l         Alternation of length tests

l         Compressor and control systems

l         Testing of pressure, high pressure and ultra-high pressure hoses

l         Testing of expansion, radiator and steering booster hoses

l         Testing of tubes/pipes, high pressure tubes/pipes

l         Testing of valves, fittings, bolted connections

l         Testing of pressure gauges, pressure switches

l         Testing of pressure sensors, tanks and vessels

l         Testing of diesel injection components

l         Filling of airbag gas accumulators and other hollow bodies under pressure and temperature impact

In our services center we can offer you with pressure, bursting pressure tests service. SHINEEAST bursting pressure test benches includes: pressure and bursting pressure test benches for hose lines, and vehicle components pressure test benches. Feasibility studies, components inspections, test can be realized without any problem. And our devices meet with the international testing criterion of pressure intensification. This offer range will be extended continuously.

As complete supplier with many years of experiences of development, we are able to offer our customers individual solutions meeting with their specific requirements. From making out of the performance specification up to the setting into operation, you will be accompanied by well versed engineers and technicians for obtaining an optimum solution of your test task.

Range of applications:

Car steering tube, brake tube, air conditioner pipe, fuel pipe, cooling water pipe, radiator, warm air pipe, hydraulic equipment, condenser, evaporator, air conditioner filter element hose, turbocharger system hose, automobile brake pump, cylinders, engineering hydraulic hose, aviation hose and manifold, hard pipe, connector, valve, pressure instrument, pressure vessel, pressure sensor etc.

Main parameters
◎Testing pressure:up to 350MPa
◎Testing station: Single station
◎measurement accuracy:±0.5%FS
◎Timing range:0~999h;
◎Testing medium:water, hydraulic oil, or other liquids
◎Medium temperature:-40℃~150℃±3℃
◎drive air:≤7bar;
◎Power electricity:AC220V;
◎Control mode:manual control/PLC control/ computer control

Key features and advantages:

l         Separate testing and driven system. Available for easily temperature control as well as powering a variety of mediums,such as oil,water or non-corrosive liquids

l         Three control modes for option:manual,PLC and PC

l         Real-time monitoring as well as data recorded on high-speed sampling cards and also curves printing

l         Alarming at due time bursting and due point recording

l         A variety of tooling and fixtures meeting with different mounting method requirements

l         Non-welded pipeline system

l         Industrial control configuration software or on LABVIEW

l         Leakage and length variation etc.functional tests available

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