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                                    Hydraulic Power Pack

SHINEEAST- Hydraulic power packs are compact and delicacy solution tailored to customer specific requirements with air driven liquid pumps as well as all accessories to be fitted and installed on the frame or in closed cabinet.

To operate this system, the pressure gauges, valves and pressure regulators have to be fitted on panels. The outlet pressure is easily to be set through a simple air regulator.

The pump stops automatically when this end pressure is reached and restarts with a slight drop in the outlet pressure or an increase in the air drive pressure.

SHINEEAST Hydraulic power packs are available with wide range of pressure ratios make these series of pumps ideal for powering a variety of oil/hydraulic operations. Operating pressure up to 320MPa.

The working medium of the system is generally clean water or hydraulic oil.

The application of hydraulic power pack:

l       Hydrostatic and pressure tests for valves, pipe and tubes, pressure vessels, pressure switches, tanks, hoses, pipes and tubing, pressure gauges, cylinders and etc.

l       Hydrostatic and dynamic tests for aircraft components

l       Pressure testing for automobile brake system and oil injection nozzle

l       Inject chemical reagent to pipelines or reaction still

l       Refrigerant canning

l       Power for clamping, drilling, punching, cutting etc

l       Overload protection mold buffer and lifting power for heavy press machine

l       Performance testing and calibration for instruments

l       High pressure cleaning and water jetting of water cutting equipment

l       Oil injecting for lubricating system of mechanical equipment

l       Clamping power for valve testing

l       Pressing of axle sleeve and cylinder sleeve

l       Control of surface safety valve and underground safety valve

l       Calibration of pressure gauges and transducers

l       Pressurization of pressure vessels for testing various components

l       Emergency shutdown systems for oil and gas wells



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