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Gas Cylinder Inspecting Equipment

Shineeast gas cylinder inspecting equipment mainly includes hydrostatic test machine, air leak test machine, cylinder internal dryer machine, cylinder valve assembling and disassembling machine, high pressure cleaning machine, cylinder valve test machine, shot blasting Rust Remover etc. Applicable gas cylinder: CNG cylinder, LNG cylinder, LPG cylinder, seamless gas cylinder, industrial gas cylinder, nitrogen cylinder, oxygen cylinder, argon cylinder, breathing air cylinder, fire extinguisher etc.

Inspecting Equipment for Fire Control Industry

Inspecting Equipment for fire control industry consists of HFC227ea filling machine, assembling and disassembling machine for HFC227ea, test equipment for HFC227ea/CO2, test equipment for fire-fighting equipment

Safety Valve Test Bench

Shineeast safety valve test bench is used for performance test for flange type safety valve, threaded safety valve, full lift safety valve, low lift safety valve, conventional thick and thin flange safety valve, domestic/imported safety valve, spring loaded safety valve, safety valve with power assist function, supplementary loaded safety valve etc.

Pneumatic-hydraulic Tube Expansion Machine

The pneumatic-hydraulic tube expansion machine is used for connection between cooling fin and radiating tube. The machine adopting Shineeast air driven liquid pump to pressurize the radiating tube, making the diameter of radiating tube become larger(generally 0.3-0.4mm larger than originally), which lead to the interference fit between the radiating tube and cooling fin, so that make them close integration, instead of the traditional welding technology.

Comprehensive Test Bench for Pressure Gauge

Comprehensive Test Bench for Pressure Gauge is widely used for automatic verification (-0.1~60) MPa spring tube type general pressure gauge (including electric contact pressure gauge), precision pressure gauge, pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, digital pressure gauge, pressure controller (pressure switch ) And pressure control valves and other pressure instruments, as well as precision measurement and pressure generation occasions, a calibration bench is equivalent to a modern pressure standard laboratory. Pressure range: 0~60MPa

Special Equipment for Coal Mine

Special Equipment for Coal Mine can be widely used in mineral mining, transportation, loading and unloading, stacking; open-air stockyard; sand and gravel yard; building demolition, civil construction and surrounding roads, along the roads under construction, transportation stations, storage and transportation stations, coal storage yards, Slag yard; coal mines, mines, power plants, cement plants, steel plants, coking plants, coal washing plants, smelters, metallurgical plants, dust workshops and other areas and places that are prone to dust.

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