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Safety Valve Test Bench

主要功能 安全阀校验台是用高压空气为介质来检验安全阀的密封性能、起跳压力、回座压力等。 参照标准 ·GB/T12241 安全阀一般要求 ·GB/T12242 压力释放装置性能试验规范 ·GB/T12243 弹簧直接载荷式安全阀 典型应用 DN10-25mm″螺纹式安全阀、全启式/微启式安全阀,常...详情 >>>

Safety Valve Test Bench

Shineeast safety vlave test bench adopts high pressure air to do testing for sealing performance, activated pressure, reseating pressure etc. Reference standard:GB/T12241 safety valve-general requirementsGB/T12242  Specification for performance test of p

Safety Valve Test Bench(Manual control)

The safety valve calibration bench is a device which simulates the working environment of the safety valve offline and makes the internal pressure rise to the safety valve take-off. At the same time, it can display the take-off pressure of the safety valv

Accessories of Safety Valve Test Bench

The tool consists of grinding plate, grinding head and auxiliary tools. There are two grinding plates for grinding valve element, the diameter of hard alloy fine grinding plate is 270 mm and the diameter of soft cast iron coarse grinding plate is 300 mm;

Online Safety Valve Test Machine

According to the application guide of boiler safety valve in power plant (DL / t959-2005), verify the set-pressure of the safety valve.The opening and closing action of spring safety valve depends on the change of medium pressure at its inlet port and the


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