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Air Leak Test Machine for CNG Vehicle Pipelines

Air leak test machine adopts compressed air as the driven source and the air driven gas boosters as the booster system and are provided with operating pressure from 0.3 to 32Mpa. There are two options of air leak test machine as follows:

Air Bottle Mounting Brackets Strength Test Machine

In light of Standard description on GB/T18437.1-2009, the air bottle mounting brackets will be capable of load capacity up to the static strength which is eight times the air bottle weight when measuring under rated working pressure (natural gas),

Nitrogen Replacement Device

The nitrogen replacement device is to replace the air in the CNG automobile pipeline after the air leak testing. First, use the vacuum pump to pump out the air, then fill the nitrogen into the pipeline, repeatedly fill and discharge the nitrogen several t


概述 1、SB-40双缸手动试压泵用途,本泵是适用于锅炉、管道、阀门、容器以及试验室获得液体高压源的试验。 2、SB-40双缸手动试压泵标准:本泵是按机械工业部制定的新型全系列试压泵(以下简称泵)标准《JB/TQ453-463-86》及《JB/TQ625-87》进行设计的。基本参数性能、质量符合标准要求。 3、SB-40...详情 >>>

Gas leak Detector

Main features:1. Beautiful appearance, convenient to hold2. Digital display, intuitive and accurate3. Long continuous working time4. Undervoltage acoustooptic indication function


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