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High Pressure Gas Assisted Injection Molding Equipment



                                         Gas Assisted Injection Molding Machine

Gas assisted injection molding machine is one kind of advanced cable manufacturing technique; its working process is as follows:

Firstly, inject hot melt plastic PE into the plastic-sheathed cavity outside the copper wire of cable, then adopts accurate automatic control system to inject high pressure N2/CO2 gas into molten plastic, making inside of plastic part expand and become hollow, gas evenly distributed throughout the plastic.

After injection ends, he cable will have excellent signal transmission characteristic after cable cooling.

Shineeast provides gas assisted injection molding machine with stable performance for high pressure physical foaming cable production line, with its outstanding gas pressurizing and control technology.

Technical parameters:

Max. outlet   pressure

480 bar

Inlet pressure   range

25-480 bar

Air drive   pressure

3-8 bar

Air drive

12 PU pipe

Inlet port


Outlet port


Output pressure

Constant output   pressure(adjustable)

Applicable gas

N2, CO2 gas



Relative   humidity


Ambient air   pressure



Equipment features:

The system can pressurize N2/CO2 gas to 600bar

The system has the function of automatically pressure-replenishing, and it will stop automatically when the pressure reaches to pre-set pressure

The system adopts high pressure precise pressure regulator, to ensure stable constant output pressure

The system adopts compressed air as power, featured with safe and anti-explosion

The system adopts precise pressure gauge, with accurate and stable reading

The output pressure can be regulated to a required constant value according to different product


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