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Gas Filling Equipment for O2/CO2/N2 Gas



                   Gas Filling System



1.     The gas filling system is mainly used for charging up high pressure gas cylinder or reactor, recycling the residual gas of gas cylinder, inversion charging between different gas cylinders.

2.     Special gas charging in scientific research and industry production

3.     Breathing air/O2 charging for breathing cylinder for diving equipment.

4.     Pressurizing natural gas in petrochemical industry; freon recycling

5.     Gas assisted injection molding system

6.     Charging up air bag restraint system; thermal grade hydrostatic press

7.     N2 charging for aero tyre and hydraulic accumulator

8.     Gas leak testing application similar to gas cylinder charging


Technical Parameters:

Core element: Shineeast air driven gas booster

Output pressure: 0-100Mpa (according to practical requirements)

Working medium: kinds of gas, such as O2, H2, N2, CO2, LPG, CNG, acetylene gas, argon, breathing air, refrigerant agent etc.

Inlet pressure: 1-50Mpa

Drive air pressure: 3-8 bar

Control mode: manual control, digital pressure gauge control

Pressure regulator will be equipped according to practical application




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