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Gas Booster System for Cutting Machine


             Gas Booster System for Cutting Machine

Shineeast gas booster system for cutting machine mainly consists of STA02 air driven gas booster, storage tank(40L, 50L,100L etc), pressure regulator, gas switch, air switch, pipelines etc.

The gas booster system is mainly used for gas leak testing for gas cutting machine, valve, pipelines, pressure vessel; constant pressure-replenishing of gas in storage tank; locally pressurizing of gas source in workshop; blowing out of welding slag, pneumatic valve drive etc.

Technical parameters:


Storage tank: 40L, 50L, 100L(according to requirements)

Pressure regulator: 0-1.6Mpa

Drive air pressure: 3-8 bar, 1NM3/min

Max.output pressure: 1.6Mpa

Control mode: manual control

Features of equipment:

1. Automatic pressure-replenishing, automatic pressure-holding. The gas booster system will start to replenish pressure automatically when the pressure drops in the pipelines due to some reasons, to maintain constant output pressure, which can realize unattended operation.

2. Not require electricity, all air drive, with explosion-proof function, without arc and spark, which can be used on inflammable and explosive dangerous places.

3.  The gas booster system is with 40L50L etcstorage tank; there is pressure regulator on outlet port, ensure constant output pressure.

4. Output pressure can be regulated through drive air pressure.

5. Easy to install, operate and repair.


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