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Auto Industry Test Equipment


                               Auto Industry Test Equipment

Shineeast auto industry test equipments are suitable for pressure testing or burst pressure testing for kinds of automobile hose, hydraulic hose, air conditioning pipe, automobile assembly etc. It can be used for burst pressure testing and time of pressure testing.

The equipments are widely used by quality inspection institutions and manufacturer of kinds of automobile parts

The equipment mainly includes dynamic system, cycling system, pressure control system, sample installation device, control system(manual control or computer control).

 Technical parameters:

Testing pressure: 0-400Mpa(according to customers’requirements)

Drive air pressure: 3-8 bar

Air consumption: 0.6-1.2M3/min

Working medium: water, hydraulic oil

Pressure control accuracy: +2% of upper limit of testing pressure, -1% of lower limit of testing pressure

Pressure sensor:sample frequency of testing pressure

Pressure control type: pneumatic driven or hydraulic driven

Operating type: manual control or computer control

No.of station: single station(according to customer’s requirements)

Tmpt. control accuracy: average deviation: ±1℃ max.deviation: ±2℃

Sample installation type: manual clamping or automatic clamping


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